Character Letters


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With him I am consumed–devoured–and the reality of it haunts me. Truthfully, I never wanted him. Rather, I never sought out the Alpha male that he is. Alpha males consume women, lay them across the tongue of their bloated egos and swallow them whole. I expect no less from Kyran.

He exudes power, makes it clear that he is in charge, and gives me enough freedom that my new cage doesn’t feel so confining, but can I say that I have been liberated?

Every day the same questions ring in my head: Will he one day become the male who swallows me whole? Will he devour me and leave me a remnant of my former self? Or will he lift me up to become something greater, help mold me into a more powerful woman than I have ever been?

No answers come and I fear the gods will make me travel the hardest road–nothing new there–to find the answers that could very well shatter my soul and incinerate my heart.

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