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Re-releasing The Lycan Hunter. Why I think I will…

Booktrope, my awesomesauce publisher, has welcomed me into their folds. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity.

So this thing happened. Or rather I made some minor moves and then this thing happened.

Kelsey Jordan’s Once Upon A Time…

Some of you know that I decided on self-publishing for many reasons, one of them being the control factor. Among the sea of other Indie authors, I know I’m not alone in relishing that sense of control. It’s one of the reasons why, after looking over their publishing model, I decided to dip my toe into Booktrope’s  swimming pool. Turns out, I like the temp. Feels real nice.

How I Met My Publisherdecorative-lines-17_large2

I stumbled onto Booktrope by chance due to stumbling across one of their authors (Hey, @AJAalto!) through one of the many book blogs I follow on Facebook. After reading Touched, which I loved, I chose to check her publisher out, because, really, what did I have to lose? I liked what I saw and made contact.

Nothing happens overnight and I’m way too intolerant to wait. So, instead of sitting around while people pestered lovingly prodded me for The Lycan Hunter’s release, I formatted my little heart out. Of course I cursed to the moon and back, raged that I was so over it. I quit. Oh I quit many times only to start formatting again the next day. Then one bright, sunny day (I can’t confirm it was bright or sunny) I was done. I cast off my formatting shackles and finally pressed publish.

I won’t lie I was anxious and excited to put my baby out there in the sea of books. I won’t talk about my misadventures or the lessons learned. There were many, not that there weren’t any successes either. Still, despite my triumphs and stumbling blocks, I’ll cherish every lesson I learned.

Live, learn, and publish. decorative-lines-17_large2

Getting the word that someone is interested in your work is a unique experience.

I was sitting on the floor of my kitchen talking to my hubby as he washed dishes (sexy right?). During a short lull in the conversation, I decided to check my email. I work from home and my phone (and email) are necessary for what I do. What do I find? Yes! The email that I didn’t know I should be expecting showed up and caused a light misting to happen in my eyes. I’m not a crier. I came close, but I pulled it together 🙂 I may or may not have held my phone like a newborn infant and cooed at my email. Needless to say, I’m happy to find myself with Booktrope.

Future Workdecorative-lines-17_large2

Now for those concerned about First of Spring, it’s still coming. I’m in the editing phase as we speak. I also haven’t forgotten about my anthology either. Ah the books, they come to me and will make it to you. I promise.

I’ll keep you posted on all the re-release info as it comes along. Thank you for your continued support! 2014 couldn’t have gotten off to a better start!

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