Post of the square peg, round hole variety

The week that annoyed.

Usually there is at least one day in a week where everything is poopsicles and headaches (P&H). For some people it’s Monday because it marks the beginning of the work week. Typically, the days my P&H hits vary, but they never last the whole day. This week P&H hit on a Monday and it kept hitting all week.

Monday I went grocery shopping. I love to shop, but on the way there my car started doing odd things. I got to the parking lot just as the temperature gauge hit super hot. We’d just gotten the oil changed and it ran normal afterwards so we thought we didn’t have anything to worry about. Ha ha…nope.

Monday was thoroughly ruined by multiple efforts at getting the car in working order until we finally broke down and sent it to the shop. $700+ unexpected dollars later, it’s ready to be picked up. Of course they called my husband who was at work and I didn’t find out until the shop closed that it was ready to be picked up. I’ve been trapped in the house (save a brief excursion with a friend) all week. I’ve never been happier to finally be able to go buy green beans and toilet paper.