Letters from the Author

Nevermind the tears.

Over the course of the next week or so you may be the unfortunate party to tears, complaining, or a combination of both. Just go ahead and step around me. Toss me a cookie or two if you’re feeling particularly kind. Chocolate chip, especially the double chocolate chunk, are my favorite, but as long as it doesn’t have walnuts or coconut (allergic) I won’t complain.

I’m not much for whining about editing. It’s my chance at growth as a writer. I relish in the ability to learn how far I’ve come and see how much further I have to go as a writer. As I stated in The Editing Struggle, I have to prep myself for all of the red bubbles of doom. I believe that I am ready this time. Maybe Jacy thinks I’m brilliant and there won’t be anything but glowing praise of my awesomeness. LOL I kid, I kid. Even I’m not that delusional. Wish me luck and let the fun begin.


Also, my book tour with Bewitching Book Tours is quickly coming to a close. Check out any of the dates and feel free to enter the tour giveaway for your chance to win 1 of 5 eBook copies. Also up for grabs is a paperback copy of The Lycan Hunter!

The Lycan Hunter Book Tour Schedule