Letters from the Author

Dolla make me Holla

Lately I’ve been stressed out. So stressed in fact that I hadn’t written more than 1k words on book 4 or sat down to actually read in almost a month. The funny thing is, my life was so busy that I didn’t even notice I was stressed out.

I tell people I have, or rather had, three jobs. My main is the “put food on the table” job where I commute to work Monday through Friday. The other two are writing and a freelance writing gig. Of course, I let the freelance gig go. I was stressing more for the lack of time that I had because of it than I was financially benefiting from doing the work.

Since quitting I noticed something change in me. My temper was better, I breathed a little easier. While I’m still constantly exhausted (thanks Fibromyalgia), I’m generally in a better mood. It’s only been a week, but I honestly think my brain was so overloaded with to-do lists from each job that I honestly had no time to breathe.

I’m still busy out the wazoo, but now I’m actually busy doing things I enjoy doing. I’ve read two books over the last week, fixed a major issue happening with book four, and hung out with my minion without dreading the minutes until I had to start something else of “importance”.

Quitting one job reminded me of something I’ve tried to keep in my mind: Money may make my life easier, but chasing it will not.