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What Will You Tell Your Daughter About Her Body

A beautiful post on what to tell your daughter about her body. Dad edition :). Well said, THDL.

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If you’re at all familiar with the blogging world I’m sure you know of Brittany Gibbons from Brittany Herself. Well she put out this set of writing prompts for August. While I think she intended for mostly women to write in response I really love her writing and the positive messages she spreads. So I took up #24 on the list “What will you tell your daughter about her body?”

Here is what I will tell her:

I will tell her that it is beautiful.

I will tell her that she should never be ashamed of it. NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS!

I will tell her that the only person that can decide happens to her body is her. Not me, not her mother, not her significant other, not some stranger, not politicians. Her and only her. It is her body and therefore the control is hers and hers…

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