Letters from the Author

I wasn’t always a writer.

Many authors claim that they have been writing since (insert young age here) and have had a love of books since (another equally young age), but that’s not my story. Here is my appalling truth.

My household wasn’t one to encourage reading. I read what was required of me by my teachers and rarely  more than that. I didn’t start writing until I was thirteen. I began in poetry which revolved heavily around my angst and feelings of inadequacy as a human being. I won’t say I had a great childhood. It could have been worse, much worse in fact, so I am grateful that it wasn’t, but it wasn’t an emotional cakewalk.

I won’t go into the “woe is me” file, because my childhood is over. Just understand that’s where my writing started and my teacher saved my life. I’ve told her as such because I really am grateful for the life I lead now. It’s not the most glamorous, but it’s mine and I’m happy, and that’s what counts.

I didn’t develop a desire to read for pleasure until my late teens. I didn’t become a glutton for the written word until my early twenties. My first series into reading wasn’t Harry Potter or some other well received series. It should have been but it wasn’t. I read Twilight. Why? Because it was so popular at the time and I worked in a book store. I quickly moved on to other series and eventually found my way to paranormal romance and erotica genre. I rarely read books from other genres.

Yes, I am an unrepentant genrephobe and I am not a fan of the standalone *shudder*.

The life I lead now revolves heavily around writing and reading. I have six writing apps, three reading apps, and two word count trackers on my phone/tablet. I have a desperate need to be able to write and read. It is important that I am able to create and read on a whim. Honestly, if someone said I’m not allowed to do either for the rest of my life I don’t have a clue what my life would look like.

Luckily no one has uttered those terrible words to me, because my life without the written word would be an awful life indeed.